About Inner Door Center®

Our Mission

Eating Disorder Treatment Center:

-To help individuals explore their relationship with food, body image and emotions.

Outpatient Clinic:

-Everything you need is inside.

Our Vision

As the renowned leader in evidence-based practice of mindfulness-based yoga therapeutics for eating disorder treatment, our vision is to transform the way patients and professionals approach eating disorder healing and all mental health concerns.

Our Values

Eating Disorder Treatment Center:

Reconnect with Food® is a systematic, unique and outcome driven program designed to heal your relationship with food using mindfulness-based yoga as a tool in conjunction with traditional therapy.  We share our knowledge and wisdom to train other practitioners to incorporate this wonderful healing gift of mindfulness yoga into eating disorder programs around the country.

Outpatient Clinic:

Inner Door Center® houses all of our mental health treatment programs including eating disorders and substance abuse treatment programs along with outpatient therapy.  Inner Door Center®’s outpatient therapy clinic was established to serve a gap in the local community for insurance-based mental health services.  We also service employees of large, medium and small Detroit and suburban-area businesses.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Innovative and cutting edge eating disorder treatment and mental health therapy to encourage change in attitudes, which will ultimately promote behavior change
  • Authenticity and integrity of our staff members that support trust in our clients
  • Relationship building to create a safe, supportive and nurturing space for our clients to make needed connections
  • Continued growth and development to consistently deliver quality care

About Beverly Price, CEO and Founder

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Beverly Price, RD, MA, E-RYT, CEO and Founder is a nationally renowned Registered Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist and Registered Yoga Teacher who is recognized for her distinctive approach to mindfulness-based eating disorder recovery using yoga therapeutics as a tool. She is featured regularly on local and national television, newspaper, on-line and in print.

Beverly has walked in your shoes.  She has struggled with her own food and body image issues and has done the work needed to heal.  She has no secrets--she is real and can relate to your pain. Yoga was a key healing tool in her recovery process and the inspiration for starting Reconnect with Food® mindfulness yoga-based eating disorder treatment programs.  Beverly opened Inner Door Center® , which is the first and only comprehensive eating disorder treatment program in Michigan and only mindfulness yoga-based eating disorder treatment program in the world.

In her former career, Beverly practiced nutrition as a registered dietitian for over two decades at Sinai Hospital of Detroit (now Detroit Medical Center), including Wayne State University Health Center. She also practiced at Henry Ford Hospital and owned/operated her own private nutrition practice for the majority of her nutrition career.  She still maintains her registration with the American Dietetic Association and has completed numerous traditional and holistic continuing education and training programs in eating disorder recovery.  A Michigan State University undergrad and Wayne State University graduate with a master’s degree, Beverly also completed her yoga teacher training with Jonny Kest, Center for Yoga Birmingham, Michigan.

Beverly is the co-author of the book, Nutrition Secrets for Optimal Health, (Tall Tree Publishing, 1996) and the author of Reconnect with Food®...Unplugged! DVD. She has published and presented numerous abstracts and articles of research*, and has presented them at medical and nutrition conferences, including American College of Physicians and Soviet-American Nutrition Conference along with International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals and Midwest Yoga Conference.



"Reconnect with Food taught me the wisdom that everything is impermanent, I am not my story and forgiveness."

Mindy R.
West Bloomfield, MI
"Out of all of my hospitalizations in the past, this program is by far the best. It compares to none. I finally made the mind-body connection and reconnected with food."

Shelly L.
Flint, MI
"Everything was so useful and helpful.  I realized that I am not alone in this predicament."

Janet Z.
Shepherd, MI
"It's ok to feel my emotions, they are all human."

Arden O.
Davisburg, MI
"This was truly insightful, and I find it hard to believe I could be the same again.  This has changed me.  This was a positive experience.  I am glad I gave this gift to myself...mind, body and soul."

Ilene H.
New York, NY