Yoga and Eating Disorder Recovery Stories Featuring Beverly Price

Beverly Price and staff are available for interviews.   Please contact our office.

Beverly Price Publicity Overview (PDF)

Mothers, Daughters and Eating Disorders: Breaking the Cycle

March 22, 2010

A healthy self-image

August 3, 2010



Eat Right-Campaign to Spotlight Mid-life Eating Disorders
June 2010

(Alternative Treatments for Mental Health)
September 2009



Leslie Goldman, Best Selling Author's IVillage blog
(Ease Holiday Stress with Yoga)
November 2009

Leslie Goldman, Best Selling Author's IVillage blog
(Downward Dogging Your Way to a Better Body Image)
May 2009



Fit Yoga
(The Art of Eating)
April 2009
(Featured Teacher)
December 2008



Yoga Alliance Newsletter
(An RYT helps eating disorder victims discover
a healthy relationship with food and themselves)
Fall/Winter 2008



Mirror - Hometown Life
(Don't diet; reconnect with food, expert says) March 2008



Birmingham Eccentric
(Program uses yoga and self-reflection to resolve food issues.) March 2008



Clean Eating Magazine

(The yoga of eating: Let go of the struggle and find peace and nourishment with every bite.)
Winter 2008



"Eating disorders tend to be a "hidden disability" that are too often overlooked and ignored. Reconnect with Food® DVD is a great way to address this ever-growing problem. Beverly Price does a wonderful job and I'm sure that this DVD WILL help."

Roger McCarville
Host of PBS
"Disabilities Today" TV
"The most useful information that I obtained from Reconnect with Food® workshop was that no emotion or feeling lasts forever--very profound and useful day to day. Be forgiving of yourself."

Helen B.
Clackamas, OR
"Your relationship with food parallel with people and with your yoga practice.  If I can change my relationship with food, I can transform my whole life in all different areas.  After participating in the Reconnect with Food workshop, I feel more mindful and aware."

Ali S.
Scottsdale, AZ
"[Reconnect with Food] is very different, but something I have never tried, which was a pleasant surprise.  I really liked doing the yoga and then being able to share our experience with others."

Susan S.
Bloomfield Hills, MI
"[Reconnect with Food® workshop taught me that] no feeling is permanent, so whatever craving or craziness is happening will pass. Change requires effort."

Sharise N.
Midwest Yoga Conference Participant
Chicago, IL
"Beverly, you are deeply committed and willing to create new 'stuff.'"

Andrea A.
Oak Park, MI
"I've learned to challenge myself in everyday life, just how I have challenged myself on the yoga mat."

Marsia T.

Grosse Pointe Woods, MI